1 Master Control Panel (with Cell Unit)
1 12 Volt Transformer (Powers Your System)
1 12 Volt Battery (Back-Up in Case of Power Outages)
1 Keypad with Fire, Police and Medical Buttons
1 Interior Sounder (Siren)
3 Perimeter Doors Contacted
1 Motion Decector
Window Stickers & Yard Sign

Home Protection

This system can alert you when children return from school, distinguish pets from intruders, adjust lighting, heating and air conditioning, and minimize the chance of false alarms. This system provides convenience, comfort and dynamic control.


No longer is home automation only available to the elite. The ESC Celluar system makes it easy to control hundreds of different home automation devices including thermostat, locks, and lighting. You can access them via the control panel or remotely.


Always be in control remotely, managing your system from a computer or any iOS/Android smartphone or tablet.


There’s no need to worry about your panel getting outdated. Your state-of-the-art ESC Celluar system can be updated with the latest and greatest capabilities via cellular.

Save on insurance & add value to your home

By adding a security system to your home, not only will you have taken steps to protect your family and property, but you will also save between 5% and 20% on your annual insurance premium and will increase the value of your home on the housing market. In some cases the discount on your homeowner’s annual insurance policy pays for your entire year of monitoring!